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New Love Ventures is a novel multi-departmental community-focused corporation determined to support, develop and promote initiatives that serve community-based humanitarian goals, in addition to supporting meaningful distribution of and equitable access to services, resources, and opportunities.

New Love Ventures Accounting provides the administrative support required to execute community-based consulting services in partnership with the Rare Advocacy Movement through the rare360 program.

New Love Ventures Communication provides expert content development services designed specifically to be consumer-facing, which includes, but is not limited to website, social media and campaign strategy development and implementation.

New Love Ventures Legal provides legal expertise, advice and services to activists, start-up businesses, prestigious institutions, community-based non-profit organizations, whistle-blowers, etc., with the universal goal of handling complex and sophisticated matters locally, nationally and internationally. New Love Ventures' legal team is committed to assuring equitably inclusive professional opportunities through sustainable growth and financial strength.


New Love

Human Culture


The New Love Human Culture trademark symbolizes the strength within the boundless unity of all types of people that are truly dedicated to embracing compassion and an eternal love for humanity.


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The transparent Heart-in-Hand is an idiom that symbolizes trustful contributions. Those who have their hearts in their hands, aid and contribute openly, in an unambiguous, candid and forthright manner.



Within the transparent heart, resides the gold Anchor Skeleton Key, representing the acceptance of new opportunities and the faithful execution of brave decisions. Just as an anchor holds a ship in place, the Anchor Skeleton Key represents strength, stability and security. As a result, the Anchor Skeleton Key is a symbol of hope and dedication. Additionally, the anchor represents an even deeper meaning, symbolizing one moving forward from a certain period in life by casting off towards a new journey. Just as it is lifted when a ship sets sail, an anchor raises an individual up by representing new and brighter adventures. The Anchor Skeleton Key, residing within the heart, is representative of looking forward towards the future, unrelentingly navigating one’s unique course through the world.
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The Rope Infinity Bow represents responsibility and binding commitment. The middle finger is the largest, boldest finger, symbolizing power, stability and equilibrium. Wrapped around the middle finger, the Rope Infinity Bow symbolizes the empowerment of one's eternal impact and perpetuating love.



The Turquoise Laurel Branch represents triumph, protection and most importantly victory over one’s worst qualities. As a symbol of self evolution and growth, the Turquoise Laurel Branch sits at the base of the left hand (the hand closest to the heart) to symbolize the importance of aligning with one’s passion, mastering the art of communication, emotional control and self-sufficiency, ultimately acquiring all of the characteristics that will inevitably inspire others to achieve their greatest potentials as well.