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New Love Ventures is a philanthropic venture capital corporation that supports the growth and development of organizations with human-focused missions. As a result, New Love Ventures has developed the Campaign Program, providing an affordable platform to fundraise for various community-based service projects.



The mission of the "Our Lives Matter" collection is to raise funds to support the "Our Lives Matter" unLearning programs, a customizable set of programs designed to effectively change the institutionalized fabric of the currently biased and discriminatory healthcare environment starting with efforts to implement equitable distribution of resources and opportunities in the rare disease advocacy landscape, the diversification of clinical trial inclusion and the conscious unLearning of those in the biopharmaceutical industry who are authentically seeking to implement DEI solutions.

Endosalpingiosis is NOT BENIGN


The mission of the "Endosalpingiosis is NOT BENIGN" collection is to raise awareness for a rare condition, Endosalpingiosis, that only affects women and to fundraise for Endosalpingiosis Foundation Inc. While several research papers report Endosalpingiosis to be a "benign" condition, this claim is inaccurate. 
Endosalpingiosis is a rare gynecological condition, which can affect females in reproductive age and postmenopausal women.  Abdominal pain is a commonly reported symptom of Endosalpingiosis. Characterized by the presence of tubal epithelium outside the fallopian tube, it can affect any organ in the abdomen and pelvis. High associations of Endosalpingiosis are found with ovarian cancer, endometriosis, and uterine cancer.
Endosalpingiosis is NOT BENIGN.

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