Embracing the Human Culture

Those who choose to embrace the "Human Culture" are capable of looking past the surface of cultural differences (i.e. the American culture, the Chinese culture, the African culture, the Indian culture, the Latin culture, etc.).

Those who can look past the differences that make all of us unique, understand that at the most fundamental level, all people belong to one overall culture, the Human Culture. When people begin to truly understand the concept of the human culture, hierarchies and the socially embedded concepts that one group is superior to another will finally be a part of our history, not our present moment. When people understand intuitively the deeper meaning behind the statement, "We are all human," we as a society will have the capacity to offer respect to each other, irrespective of our differences, even if we are not fond of those differences.

You don't have to like anyone. But every living thing deserves respect...the same respect you want others to afford to your life and the lives of your loved ones.

We ask that you believe in our humanity and become a proud member of the Human Culture by sharing the New Love Human Culture message through your social media posts by using #NewLove #HumanCulture. If you are interested in becoming an active member, you are welcome to contact us.

#NewLove #HumanCulture

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